Kashid Beach in Maharashtra

Kashid Beach,

Found right around 30 km from Alibaug and arranged on the banks of Arabian Sea, Kashid Beach is well known for its excellent clear blue water, white shading sand and exquisite streams. A standout amongst the most well known and charming shorelines of Maharashtra, the Kashid shoreline accompanies a guarantee of an impeccable and loose shoreline occasion. The shoreline is outstretched crosswise over 3 Km and encompassed by bushes and trees called Casuarina, which improves the normal charms of this goal. A shelter for nature sweethearts, Kashid Beach is the ideal end of the week escapes far from the rushing about of the city life.

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The wonderful scene of Kashid has various luring activities in and about itself. The shoreline of the shoreline is decorated with delightful white sand for whatever length of time that 130 kilometers and makes it a perfect place to take a long stroll with your precious ones. There are two or three Buddhist gives in on the shoreline, and finding these is an enterprise in its own particular right. Encompassed by a couple of rough pinnacles, the shoreline is a commendable case of the Konkan extend. Ends of the week at Kashid shoreline are very swarmed so it is best to visit on weekdays.

Best time to go to Kashid beach
The beach is best enjoyed between November and February when the weather is pleasant. There are very few nearby hotels and you can take advantage of accommodation in the cottages established by the locals.

How to reach Kashid beach
Alibag is near Mandwa which can be a beneficial journey for those traveling from Mumbai, which is a boat from Gateway of India to Mandwa. From there, you will leave Chondi which is 3 kilometers away from Mandawa, and it takes about 40 to 45 minutes by ferry to reach Alibag.

Beautiful sights to see near Kashid Beach

  •  Fenced Wildlife Sanctuary:- for nature lovers Distance from Kashid Beach:- 12 km Established to preserve the coastal woodland biodiversity of the Western Ghats, the Fans Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 6979 hectares of land. This area includes grass fields, woodlands, and jungle. It was established in 1986, and in the olden age, this idol used to work as part of the hunting reserve of Janjira. This is one of the best weekend gateways from Mumbai for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. There are four major routes in the Sanctuary, and once one can expect to see a diverse wildlife, vegetation and bird life.

  • Coralai Fort:- History embraced beauty Distance from Kashid Beach: 14 km Korlai fort was built on an island in 1521 to protect the route of Rivadavanda Creek by Portuguese. There are 11 gates in the fort, and each of the seven towers is named after Sao Francisco (after Assisi's Francis). Around the Coralai Fort, Maharashtra belongs to the Forest Department. And since it is located on a hill, you will welcome a spiritual view of the village and ocean.

  • Rivanda Beach Fort:- A Portuguese Living Distance from Kashid Beach: 15 km This is a lesser known tourist spot to go to Kashid Beach. The fort was built by Portuguese and today it has been covered with the wild plantation. Canon hole on the walls is one of the key features of Revdanda Beach Fortress. In essence, this relic is a lovely hiding to take breaks from the bustle and stir, to enjoy the beauty of nature combined with the mysteries of history.

  • Murud Janjira Fort:- One of the strongest strong fortresses in the country Distance from Kashid Beach:- 20 km One of the most famous forts of India, Murud Janjira Murad is a maritime fort situated on the banks of the village. This is a clearly strong structure where someone can use a sailboat. The fort has 26 rounded turret, all of which are still intact. Apart from this, you will come to the palace, a fresh water lake, cans, and grand entrance.

It is a great place to highlight the history, to visit Kashid Beach to relax and see the beauty of the ocean during sunset.

  • Alibag Beach:- Beach with a Fort Distance from Kashid Beach: 34 km Alibag Beach is beautiful with black sand and the background of the Colaba Fort from the coast. It is one of the most famous beaches near Mumbai with easy access. Being a famous tourist attraction, there are many tourists, especially during the weekend. You can join various activities in Alibag Beach, such as jet ski, kitesphiring, paragliding, and kayaking.
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