How To Go Khandala in Maharashtra

How To Go Khandala in Maharashtra 

Located on the foothills of Sahyadri, Khandala offers a full weekend breakthrough for Mumbai's population, with its beautiful valleys, Grass hills, cool lakes and blurred fountains.

     This is one of the most popular weekend migration for the people of Mumbai and the surrounding cities. The place is immortal by popular Bollywood song, "Come on khay khandala", beautiful nature, pleasant weather and everyone feeling, must be a destination destination destination. Gog in the air Natural beauty blossoms for its Zenith and reveals a magical attraction during the monsoon. Its springs and springs The luminous lakes are characteristic of a fascinating atmosphere to look majestic. There are two popular spots for Duke's nose peak and Carla hills rock climbing. Apart from these, many caves and lakes can be seen. Sit back and relax is an ideal place to relax.
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Top points in Khandala

  • Tiger's Leap: This is one of the most attractive places in this area. If someone sees the valley carefully from this point, it will be visible

As if a tiger is jumping in the valley.

  • Amrutanjan Point: Amrutanjan point is located above another point in Khandala. It provides an excellent view of nearby places.

Point is a suitable place for Duke's nose along with a vast view of the valley.

  • Duke's nose: The Duke's nose, also known as 'Nagfani' Cobra Head, is named after the Duke of Wellington, which was pointed towards Looks like a rock. Trekking is a very popular place for valley crossing, rock climbing and wrapping. It is a 2506-2507 feet tall rock Every rock climber who wishes to win. Someone needs to trek from the southern side to reach the base station from where anyone is considered To climb the actual 300-301 feet high rock in the summit. To reach the base station, you have to create 999-1000 feet dangerous traverse. this is A bolt multi-pitch climb with 4 stations The most challenging part of the climb is the third and fourth station, which is 25 feet Overhang (rock wall is tilted more than 90+ degrees) where one can climb with the support of arms and the possibility of foot. It is firmly

It is advised that activity specialists should not be done without monitoring and guidance.

  • Shingiroba Temple:- Lying between Khopoli and Khandla in the beautiful state of Maharashtra, the temple was built in 1929 and is a famous holy center in this area. Karla and Bhaja Caves: Karla and Bhaja Caves are the historic rocks caves, which are located at a distance of 17-19 km from Khandla. Carla caves Ancient Buddhist caves Baja Caves are similar to Carla Caves but are on a very small scale. These caves are also in chitta style.

  • Bhushi Lake:- Bhushi Lake located in Khandala is the ideal place for all those who want to relax in the lap of nature. Its cool and

The peaceful surroundings and crystal clear waters provide immense opportunities for tourists to relax in peace. How to reach there
Khandala in maharashtra

Airplane in Khandala

Nearest airport to make Khandala is about 66 km away in Pune. A bus or taxi can also be taken to reach the destination.

From The Way Khandala

Khandala is well connected to motor vehicles from many cities in India. There are also private bus services on this beautiful hill station
Available from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and many other cities.

By Rail Khandala

To reach Khandala, the nearest railway station is located in Lonavala. Other railway near Khandala is Pune and Mumbai.
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