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Arranged in pretty environment, Ratnagiri is honored with slopes, ocean shores, brooks, wonderful streams, high temp water springs, woodlands and water falls and offers a reviving knowledge to voyagers.

Ratnagiri is a voyagers dream work out as expected goal with its great Sahyadri range and Arabian ocean with virginal white shorelines, falling cascades, boiling water springs palm forests, glorious landmarks and the most renowned, Alphonso mangoes. Ratnagiri has a portion of the great posts worked amid the Shivaji time frame. Ratnagiri is additionally renowned as the origin of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak who was 33% of the celebrated trio of "Lal Bal Pal". One of the pearls in Konkan locale, Ratnagiri is presently a major area involving a few touristy little towns and towns and it frames for a splendid end of the week escape from the urban areas of Maharashtra including Mumbai.

ratnagiri maharashtra

Tourist attractions in Ratnagiri

  •  Ganapatipule Beach is arranged at a separation of 28-29 km from Ratnagiri and is a standout amongst the most visited spots of this city. This shoreline has been named after the Hindu god Ganesha and houses an antiquated sanctuary under a similar name. Ganapatipule shoreline is a one of a kind blend of dedication and experience. Aside from bad-to-the-bone shoreline darlings, this place likewise pulls in countless enthusiasts. Different attractions of this shoreline incorporate flavorful sustenance slows down, excellent perspectives of nightfall and remarkable white sand which is once in a while found on Indian shorelines.
  • 2Marleshwar Temple is an old Shiva sanctuary and is situated on the edges of Ratnagiri. It is arranged on a disconnected slope and is altogether encompassed by a thick system of evergreen woodland. It is trusted that the 'Shivling' of this sanctuary stays encompassed by Cobra winds consistently. Strikingly, the cobras have never bit any aficionado ever of sanctuary and one can even touch them without dreading. Marleshwar sanctuary gives an excellent perspective of the adjacent mountains and is encompassed by various cascades. Be that as it may, one should visit this place ideally in the rainstorm season as a large portion of the cascades get became scarce amid different seasons.
  • Guhagar shoreline is arranged at a separation of around 8 km from Ratnagiri and is a standout amongst the most quiet shorelines in the province of Maharashtra. The shoreline is topographically honored with Sahyadri mountain extend on its east and the Arabian Sea on its west. Guhagar shoreline is known for its lovely climate and quiet water which can be easily utilized for swimming purposes. This shoreline stays encompassed by neighborhood anglers, vessel proprietors and enterprise sport administrators and is a standout amongst the most enthralling spots in Ratnagiri.
  •   securely portrayed as the immaculate point of interest of Ratnagiri. The beacon is encompassed by the old stronghold of Ratnadurg on one side and by Arabian Sea on the other. The beacon is 16 m tall pinnacle and is furnished with offices like radio sensor, sodium light and tempest sensors to direct the adjacent boats cruising in the ocean. Ratnagiri beacon is a pleasingly tranquil place and gives you a 360 degree perspective of the Arabian Sea.
  • Shri Devi Bhagwati Temple is arranged inside the old stronghold of Ratnagiri and is devoted to Hindu divinity Durga. Regardless of being encompassed by a surrendered fortress, this sanctuary remains as a noteworthy focus of confidence for local people of Ratnagiri. Bhagwati Temple is honored with splendid engineering and houses various styles of painted dividers, models and stone cut columns. The celebration of Navratri is considered as the best event to visit this sanctuary as one can get a wonderful look at neighborhood conventions and qualities amid this celebration.

  • Ratnagiri is in general an unmistakable blend of history and nature. This city influences you to become hopelessly enamored with its charming climate and surroundings when you enter it. Lavish green mountains, chronicled strongholds, serene shorelines and antiquated sanctuaries are the absolute most critical highlights of this place. On a finishing up note, Ratnagiri will leave an enduring impact on you and is a flawless travel goal.

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transport in Ratnagiri

  • Flight:-
  • Step by step instructions to Reach Ratnagiri by Flight:- The closest real air terminal to Ratnagiri is at Mumbai. From that point, you can take a transport, prepare or auto to achieve Ratnagiri.
  • Closest Airport: Goa International Airport - 188 kms from Ratnagiri

  • Road:-
  • Step by step instructions to Reach Ratnagiri by Road:-
  • Different government and private are accessible to Ratnagiri from most real urban areas and towns in and around Maharashtra.

  • Train:-
  • Step by step instructions to Reach Ratnagiri via Train:- 
  • Ratnagiri is very much associated by rail that makes the movement simpler for the vacationers. Nearby Transport in Ratnagiri

Going inside Ratnagiri isn't an issue as there are various nearby transports, auto rickshaws and cabs.

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