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A little beach front town concealed in the Konkan district of Maharashtra, Alibaug is an exceptionally prevalent end of the week escape occasion goal and has earned itself the name of 'smaller than usual Goa', inferable from the high visitor footfall throughout the entire year. Saturated with pioneer history, Alibaug is an interesting little town situated around 110 kilometers from Mumbai, and is packed with sandy shorelines, clean unpolluted air and a lot of fortresses and sanctuaries, guaranteeing that regardless of being a residential area, you never come up short on exercises to do.

Alibaug beach

Alibaug has various shorelines, and every one of the shorelines are just a couple of minutes' heads out from each other, so you won't need to stress over which shoreline to visit and which one to forget. The most visited in the shoreline in Alibaug is, obviously, Alibag shoreline, which offers a dynamite of perspective of the dawn and nightfall as well as of the Colaba fortification also, which you can take a short pontoon ride to. The Colaba fortification was before the foundation of the Maratha Empire, and a large portion of the fortress is still fit as a fiddle. Other prevalent shorelines in the region incorporate Kihim Beach, and Nagaon Beach, with Kihim shoreline being a picture taker's heaven.

Alibaug is home to Mandwa Beach, a shoreline broadly known for the multitudinous number of motion picture shootings that occur here. The shoreline offers a staggering perspective of the Gateway of India from its cove, and you can sit and taste on a cool drink on the sand under the plantation of coconut trees coating the shoreline, and keeping in mind that away o lethargic evening or two.

Tourist attractions in Alibaug

The main tourist attractions around and around Alibag are:

  • Alibag Beach: This is the main beach. A very flat stretch makes for a long walk. It is fairly clean during the week and is a thin crowd. The sand has a rigid texture and it is a shade of black color. Making sand palaces is not easy. The tide rolls from all sides: you may have to go through the water on the way.
Alibag beach
  • Siddheshwar Temple near Khandale: It is a famous Shiva temple near the picturesque hills near Khandale village, just 3-4 km from the Alibag-Pen State Highway. You can drive your vehicles near the hills and with small treks, you can reach this beautiful temple. During the month of Shravan, hundreds of people filled up to worship here during Shravan Monday. If you travel further you can see the relics of ancient fort called "Sagargarh".

  • Alibag Fort: It is also famous for Lord Ganesh Temple and Dargah

  • Khanderi and Andi Islands: Any Khanderi and Idi Islands can be visited, they were made very strongly by Shivaji in marine observation positions in 1660 CE. Most of the fort is intact. The most prominent structure is a lighthouse built in 1837, which is still in service and used for marine navigation.
  • Magen Avot Synagogue: Alibag once had a large Jewish community; Most of them were oil pressers and sellers. Son El Sinigogue is the only one in the Alibag. Viceroy Lord Curzon (1899-1905) visited this synagogue. This place was the place of worship for the Jewish community; This was the place where community centers, Konkan development programs and village meetings were organized. The synagogue is a heritage property in which there is a unique style and it is a famous Indian Jewish and Konkan tourist point.
  • Varsoli Beach: Approximately a mile from the main beach, it is home to a large naval base. It is on the outskirts of Alibag. This is a relatively less viewed site. This bright white sand and cleaner is a quiet beach with seawater. Varasoli is a small satellite village in Albagh, which is completed with thick vegetation of coconut and casserina.
  • Akshi Beach: 6-8 km from Alibag, beach is a favorite place for advertising, TV serials and film shoots. This beach is suitable for children and waders because the sea is flat for long distance. One can walk a long distance towards the sea.
  • Nagaon Beach: This black-sand beach is about 10-12 km from Alibag and is famous for coconut and belt nuts. One can go to the beach from Nagaon Beach on a beach in ten minutes. It is more popular for its water sports and most tourists come to Alibaug living near Alibag beach. It is also the cleanest beach between Versoli Beach and Kashid Beach. Below is the image of Nagaon Beach.
  • Kahim-Navagong Beach: Kihim is a separate place about 10-11 km from Alibag. The Kahim beach is famous for the dense cover of coconut trees. Another business of his people is agriculture for the forest, which is home to rare butterflies, birds and flowers.
  • Avance: It is located approximately 18 km from Alibag.
  • Sasveen: It is about 17 km from Alibag.

Mandawa Beach as observed from Mandawa Port.

  • Mandawa: It is arranged around 17-18 km north of Alibag. The sailboat/ship administrations are accessible from Mumbai to the Mandawa breakwater.
  • Kashid Beach: It is 49km from Alibag, on the Alibag-Murud thruway, likewise this shoreline is potentially one of the cleanest and most lovely shorelines in the locale with nearly 'white' sand. There are numerous cabins and resorts accessible running from around INR 1400-1500 to INR 20,000. Prakruti resort is the extravagance and the costliest of all. This town does not have any wine shops. One needs to circumvent 6 km towards Murud to purchase liquor. Kashid is the ideal place to unwind for urban individuals. One can discover water sports office and number of little shops for snacks. There is a risk board cautioning individuals of unsafe tides.

  • Korlai Beach: A calm quiet shoreline with exchange white and dark sands, along a peaceful stretch of the Arabian coastline, adjoining a town of Korlai Creole Portuguese-speaking Indians. Directly over the extension, to the in that spot is Korlai stronghold inside the ocean and joined to the terrain by a thin land strip through the Korlai post through the Korlai Village. It is assumed to have been worked by the Portuguese in 1521. The fundamental entryway has an engraving which signifies 'no passage without a battle'. The fortification has seven doors, a sweet water well, a congregation in neglect, a Hindu sanctuary and a beacon which is as yet utilized for route.

  • Reva: It is about 27 km from Alibag. From Rewa, there is a yacht boat service for Mumbai (Bhao Bhaag) and Uran (Karanj).

  • Chaum Rewandaanda: It is located about 16 km from Alibag. This is a famous weekend tourist spot.

  • Kanakeshwar Temple: It is about 18 km from Karibiland - Chondi road from Alibag, which is 14 km away from Alibag to the northeast. This very famous Shiva temple at 900-901 feet high hill. This is 4998-5000 feet climbing on well-stacked stairs, which takes about one hour. The landmarks along the route are the graves of Mohanagiri and Balgiri, Nagoba Rest, Jambli Plateau, God Stairs, Gamandi etc. In the beautiful temple premises, there are small palaces of Shri Paleshwar, Shri Hanuman, Shri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiva. Special charm is an ancient sweet water tank attached in the traditional structure of black stone. The ancient temple was built by King Ramderei Yadav. The height of Shiva temple is 54-55 feet. The lion sculpture with the traditional lamp-pillar (depth) on either side in the front door. Lord-Shiva's 4-foot 'pindi' is silver-plated. The premises also include Naga-Khana, Bhima Swivel, a garden for flowers for Lord, Shri Ram Ganesh Mandir and Gomukha. Each year, there is a fair on Kartik Purnima in the Hindu calendar. On this hill, various herbs are found.

please come inside in Alibaug

  • street

Anybody can achieve Alibag through the pen (30 km), which is on Mumbai (78 km) - Goa street. From Mumbai, anyone can achieve Alibaug to movement to Mumbai-Goa Highway (NH-66) by venturing out to Vadakhal (or Vaadhkhal) and proceeding with the correct thistle (NH-166A) from the street - left fork street of Goa is . It is around 108 km from Mumbai.

  • railroad

The closest railroad rail line station is on the pen. Through the pen, it is associated with Panvel and later to Mumbai and Indian railroad arrange.

  • air terminal

The closest air terminal is in Mumbai which is 140 km away.
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